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At Rae, we want to offer every client specific and goal-oriented coaching through our Video coaching sessions. Being able to reach and connect to our client wherever they are and enabling our clients to look, feel and do good is our aim.Our goal is to help every client bring the best version of themselves to the table every day.Be it a promotion at work, helping you get that new job, cracking a review or a presentation with senior management, we work with you to make it through all this with confidence and style.

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About Image Consulting By Savitha Nanjappa

We begin all our Image Consulting sessions with a Discovery Session.In the discovery session which is usually for a duration of 20 to 30 mins, I get to know the client, talk through their current problems, discuss their goals both personal and professional, understand what their image needs are to reach those goals, discuss and clarify expectations, learn what the current status is. Post this I will recommend the sessions required for you and tailor it to achieve your specific goals.This discovery session is followed by the Lifestyle and goals evaluation. as well as the "Dress the Part" session, followed by Shape analysis, Personal style, Wardrobe Evaluation and Personal Grooming sessions.

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