Angeera Bhavani

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Areas of Expertise : Adult population, college students and corporate population

Qualifications : Msc. Counselling Psychology from Christ university, Bangalore. Certified by ICAT, UK and is Dharma Life certified Mentor.

Experience : 3 years

About Me : Angeera is a counseling Psychologist practicing in Bangalore since 2015. She is a Senior Mentor in Dharma Life Sciences, India and her work consist of bringing in a Midas touch on people’s lives by balancing their personality traits. She has collaborated and catered to population that includes children, HIV infected and affected population, college students, rehabilitation inpatients and corporate clients. She looks forward to reach to the diverse population to use her skills to bring in betterment in individuals and society. Her perspective of looking at each client as a new and distinct entity adds to enhancement of her skills set and knowledge. She proactively stands for self care while co-harmonizing with others.

Price Range : INR 600 - INR 800

Preferred Time for Consultation : 7pm -10pm

Languages Spoken : English, Tamil and Malayalam.

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About The Smile Again Foundation

Everyone deserves to be happy, but not everyone gets to be happy. There are factors, both internal and external that affect us and before we know it, we are no longer the same again. Some of us suffer from depression owing to the events that had happened in our lives. Be it long-term unemployment, long-term isolation, living in an abusive or uncaring relationship or loneliness or prolonged work stress -  all these are more likely to cause depression than recent life stresses.


While the causes mentioned above are no doubt some of the reasons for depression, it has also been found that depression can also be caused by family history, personality, serious medical illness or drug and alcohol abuse. 


But most of us until recently, never thought of depression as a disease. We were always having the impression of it as just being a bad day or a bad mood which was expected to get better in a few hours. But in reality, depression is a disease. A disease that has an effect on the brain and leaves us with days and months of depression unless it is treated. 


The WHO had reported in 2015 that in India alone, more than fifty million people suffer from depression. This number is increasing year after year and unless we take the right steps in identifying and solving the problem, it may turn into a herculean task that might get to big to solve. In addition to this, there is the problem of accessibility to good psychologists in India for people of smaller towns and villages. The Smile Again Foundation in association with BeamitLive is trying to solve this problem to bring quality psychologists to people no matter where they live. 

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