People Will Continue To Commit Suicide Unless We Do This


I will come to the point straight away. There is nothing, absolutely nothing in this world that is greater than life. It is neither money nor poverty, neither success nor failure, neither love nor heartbreak. There is nothing that you should value higher than life. And by life I do not mean only your life, it can be any life.

There is nothing that you should value higher than life.

Today morning, as I was sipping my tea and glancing through the newspaper, I read terrible news. The news was about a small boy, a boy of ninth standard who took the extreme step and committed suicide. My heart pains to think about what the boy must have gone through to take that extreme step. But my heart pained even more when I got to know about what he had witnessed when he was in kindergarten. He had witnessed his dad committing suicide and saw his father hanging in his room. That is the worst thing a child could go through and it must have played a big role in his decision to end his own life.

I don’t know the state of the mother right now, but I am sure that none of us would be able to comprehend the amount of pain she must be going through.

But, past is past. What is done cannot be undone. This innocent child committed suicide and now we can do nothing to get him back. And unfortunately, this will also not be the last time that anyone commits suicide. In the future people will take the extreme step, people will end their lives, people will lose all hope of living, unless we do something to change that. Unless we make everyone understand that committing suicide doesn’t solve the pain, that committing suicide doesn’t ease the pain.

I am no psychologist, but with my limited understanding I have realized one thing. A person commits suicide thinking that after he is no longer in this world, the people who have caused him grief will finally understand and repent. It is the same feeling when one says things like “When I will no longer be there, you will understand”. But you know what, in reality, people forget.  In reality, people don’t care. So does it make sense to end your own life for someone who will not remember you after a couple of weeks?

It doesn’t make sense. But how will that kid understand this. There has to be someone to tell him that, there has to be someone who can explain him that not all is lost. In most cases it is the parent who should tell their kids that no matter what, they will always be there for them. But as we have noticed, sometimes children don’t tell everything to their parents. The parents know that something is wrong with their kids but are unable to elicit a response from them.

So how to deal with these kind of situations? How to make your kid understand that everything will be fine when you yourself cannot talk to them? The only way to solve it is for the parent to tell their kids to talk to someone who can help them, someone who can understand how to deal with situations like these.

And this is where I would like to involve myself. For those of you who don’t know what I do, let me give you a quick brief. My name is Gaurav Bora and I am the founder of Beamitlive – a video consultation and learning platform. But let me tell you one thing honestly here. I am not here today to sell you something. The news of the kid really shook me and I thought if I could help in some way. The best way I think I can help is to provide free counselling sessions to anyone who is in need. Today I am making this pledge that we at Beamitlive will be giving free counselling sessions to anyone below 18 years of age.

Now, I know what you guys must be thinking? How can a bootstrapped startup afford to give free counselling sessions to everyone? True, absolutely true. As a bootstrapped startup, we do not have the financial capability to give free counselling sessions to unlimited kids. But what we can do is to give free sessions to a limited number of kids. We want to contribute to the society and even a small step is important to achieve that bigger goal. Right now at Beamitlive we will be able to give free sessions to 10 kids every month. But that number will definitely increase as we grow. That is a promise.

For some people that number may sound very small, but if we can save atleast 10 kids and help them get back to life, we will take it any day.

So if you are a parent, friend, acquaintance or the person himself, and you think that there is someone you can help, please get in touch with me personally. You can write to me in this form and I will share the free session code with you. It is completely private and confidential. You will receive half an hour to one hour of counselling from our top therapists from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You need not travel to a clinic; you need not brave the traffic to take this. Take it from your home according to your own convenient time.

Thanks for reading this post of mine. I am sure that together we can help as many people as we can. If you have any suggestions please feel free to write to me.

Please fill up this form so that I can send you the free session code which can be used to book a free session for under 18 children.

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