Can’t let it go? Can’t sleep at night? Kill depression before it kills you

How to get rid of depression

“I feel so low.” These four words were what went on in Shania’s head all the time. Be it work, home or with friends she could not come out of this whirlwind of thoughts. Discontent and Hopelessness is what she could see in her environment. Even the brightest ray of light seemed to darken the vision for her. She was surrounded by anxiety. Do you feel like Shania? Well, if your answer is yes, read along to find out what happened to Shania.

People like Shania, often lose interest in things they once enjoyed doing. Their life is full of emotional distress. This condition is what many psychologists call Clinical Depression or Major Depressive Disorder. A person suffering this will show a variety of symptoms that are majorly related to mental health. For example, one might feel nervous or restless all the time. There shall also be many times when you might experience mood swings. In psychology, this phenomenon is called manic depression. Remember the times when you felt extremely low for no particular reason? These are usually termed as depression symptoms. Most of us are aware of extreme mental disorders such as schizophrenia but little do we know about a mental illness like bipolar depression or bipolar disorder which deals with our extreme mood swings.


1. Can’t sleep at night or wake up too early? This is another of the symptoms. During depression, due to the excessive release of hormones, the sleep pattern is disrupted. Due to this either the person undergoes insomnia or improper sleeping patterns. Depression not only affects the mental stability of a person but also has a huge impact on the body. One might experience fatigue, loss of appetite, or binge eating.

 2. You might also experience anxiety symptoms. For example, you might feel an urgency to escape, dizziness, heart palpitations, trembling, sweating, shortness of breath, feeling of going crazy or losing control and so on. These together can be called as an anxiety attack.

3. Another kind of attacks is panic attacks. The symptoms of these are similar to anxiety attacks but the only difference is that these occur suddenly and reach an extreme stage in a short time. These all come under the signs of depression.

4. Are there times when you feel like giving up? You feel like you can take it no more? These thoughts usually lead to suicidal thoughts which in turn are an outcome of the depressive state of mind. Sometimes the clouds around us are so black that we fail to see the silver lining. We over think a lot and even the smallest thing becomes an uphill task. It’s understandable for any person to give into substance abuse in such conditions. We are so weak that we need something comforting for our body and mind. Nevertheless, this is not what one must engage in.


Depression can affect your life in general. You might not be social and will like to stay alone. Sometimes one might not even like being in the company of the loved ones. There are also chances that a lot of your relationships might get turbulent due to the stress you undergo. It might affect your professional life as well. Your health issues will play a major role in bringing down your productivity at work. Lack of motivation being one of the most important symptoms of depression shall also affect your work. You will not be able to be as progressive as others and your attention span will also suffer. The feeling of being “TOO TIRED” often leads to no creative activities and loss of interest in work. Therefore your personal and professional life is affected. ‘

It is not necessary that an unfortunate event should precede your depressive state. For example, postpartum depression is the state of being depressed after delivering a baby. People often see this as a happy occasion but the mother might experience such feelings. It is natural to happen and when treated proper care can be solved. Hence, it is a myth that something unhappy makes you depressed.


Now that you have read about Depressions and its various facets, let’s tell you how one can conquer it. Depression is not a permanent illness and can be solved if treated properly. It’s more of a state of mind that needs to vent out. Most of us fear rejection, disapproval, embarrassment and hesitate from sharing our thoughts. This is exactly what a person undergoing depression should not do. We must share our thoughts and share it with the right people.

Today the world moves on technology. Everybody is connected to the internet. So, if you think you need to take an appointment with the counsellor and meet them in person, you are wrong. You can share the thoughts with them online. The Smile Again Foundation along with BeamitLive can help you do that. You can find counsellors who are experienced and shall guide you through your path of difficulties. Without the revelation of your identity, you can reveal your problems.. It’s just like sitting in your living room and having a conversation with your dear ones. SO IF YOU WANT TO BE YOURSELF AND NOT SHANIA, LET OUT YOUR FEELINGS! THAT IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN GIFT YOURSELF.


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