Road to Success

Success! What does this word mean to you? What does this word mean to anyone for that matter? There are different types of people in this world with different dreams, different ambitions and yet the word success means the same to all of them. By saying that they mean the same, I do not mean that all of them want to achieve the same thing. Success for different people can be different. For someone, just being happy can be a success, while for someone earning a lot of money can be a success. There is no one rule or definition that you can apply to success. In fact, what is success for one person can be a failure for another. It totally depends on what you want in life.

But, no matter what you do, or what you want to achieve, there exists a series of steps that you should follow to achieve that elusive success. There is a process to find the road to success and we have seen that the more you follow these steps the closer you get to your goal. If you look at every great person in the past century and look into their life history, you will see that almost all of them followed the same principles. It is no coincidence that all of them followed the same thing and all of them were able to achieve success in their lives. It means that the process works. It can work for you too if you put in the effort.

Let us make this easier to understand and segment them into a few steps.

Value of Time:

Time is equal for everyone. Everyone has got 24 hours in a day. Be it a salaried person working in a company, or a sports star or for that matter a business magnate worth billions, time is equal for all of them. And by the way, the excuses that you hear from people like “shortage of time” etc, it doesn’t exist at all. People who have achieved tremendous success in their lives will tell you how important it is to make use of your time. Again, I am not saying that you should not sleep or play or watch television or listen to music or spend time with your friends gossiping. It totally depends on you how you want to spend your time depending on what you want to achieve. If spending time with your friends and gossiping about random things gives you happiness and if you want to achieve that, you should go ahead with it. Because that is what is success is to you. There is no hard and fast rule stating that this is success and that is not. It is an individual’s choice. But always remember, you become good at things that you spend time on.

Gratitude Reciprocates:

You must have heard a lot of people say in their speeches that gratitude reciprocates. It would have been hard to believe if it was stated by only a few people. But we have seen that most people who have achieved success keep stating this point again and again. It worked for them and they are the living proof of it.

Willingness to learn:

The moment you stop learning is exactly the moment you stop growing. You must be good, I mean really good at something. But you should also realize that there will always be someone who is working to be better than you. Unless you are that person yourself someone will surpass you in a few years time. Be your own competition. Learn more. Knowledge is something that will always help and you never know when it will.

Stay humble:

Staying humble is an important factor in deciding your journey towards success. Let me put it more analytically. When you stop being humble, you start being arrogant. When you start being arrogant, you stop seeing the road ahead.

The only constant is change:

There is a well known quote “The only constant is change”. It is true indeed. Unless you change to new trends, new technologies, newer and better ways of doing things, you will soon find yourself in the bottom half of the race.

Think ahead:

The road to success is like a chess game. If you want you can actually plan each and every step with all the permutations and combinations involved. Think ahead, think about every step in the journey. It is like a train journey where you will encounter stations every few hours.

Be clear on what you want:

And last but not the least, be clear on what you want. Only then you will be able to use all the above steps towards reaching your goal. If you are not clear on your goal, then you will end up spending a lot of time in doing something only to realize later that it was for nothing. Take a few days or even a few months, but be clear on what you want. Once you decide on that, put in all your efforts towards reaching that.

As I had mentioned before, there are no hard and fast rules in deciding what leads to one’s road to success. The best way is to look at examples that we have got and try to analyze that. But don’t be fooled by external fake appearances and get swayed by wannabes.

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