Are They Getting Promoted At Work Even Though You Deserve It More Than Them?

how to get promoted at work

“Well done!” Just two words, but so hard to earn. Today the world is so competitive that winning by even the smallest edge matters the most. “Student of the Year”, one of the famous Bollywood movie showcased the ill effects of that today’s work life or academic life offer. Jealousy, hatred, worthlessness, hopelessness, and much more such feelings creep into your heart and you start questioning yourself. Sometimes you feel that you can do no more and still, you do not achieve what you deserve.

Sometimes you struggle all your way up the ladder and then fall back to square one? There are instances where you do what is expected of you but even then you stay where you are. To add to all of this, people who have capabilities lower than you get promoted. Now, isn’t that frustrating? Take, for example, a power point presentation at the office. You might have well researched the topic and made the best ppt but you end up spoiling your presentation. Your competitor might not have researched well, but presents it with confidence. Hence, they get promoted and you are left. Even though you did the hard work, the credit goes in somebody else’s name.

There are multiple cases when the other person is promoted owing to the fact that he/she is more expressive in their behavior or comes in the limelight more. There might be a possibility that this person’s knowledge could be lesser than you but since due to the attention seeking behavior, they are acclaimed more. These people are usually good at being noticeable and hence it works to their advantage. One needs to showcase the skills that one has. How will your employer know you had brilliant marketing ideas unless you speak up? People who are generally participating, create an impression of being more hardworking and interested.


It is often said that Fashion is not what you wear but how you present yourself. Your clothes speak of your character more than your aesthetic sense. Though you might feel dressing is not a great deal, it reflects your character and your attitude towards the work-life environment. If you are wearing a crop top and short jeans to an annual meeting, then it calls for a makeover. Though today the companies are very flexible and allow a casual work setting, there has to be some dress code that has to be followed. You can wear normal formals or even a decent shirt or a kurta.

Moving on, there are various small things that can act as your promotional tools. Smallest example of this would be taking the lead. Whenever your boss gives your opportunities, grab them.  Do not be hesitant. Even if you do not know the job, you can learn in the process. Taking the lead not only shows your leadership skills but also projects you as someone who is genuinely interested in work. This is a very important promotional strategy.

Change is the only constant. This is true in the case of today’s working systems. If you are a 50-year-old employee and are wondering about why you are not being promoted, then we might have an answer. You might have the experience and the maturity to handle big posts, but a person of 25 years is given the job. Why is it so? It’s probably because they are more updated with the technology and skills required for the market. Today the concept of reverse mentoring is very famous. Here a young employee teaches all the skills, mostly technological based to the older ones. Hence one must be updated with the current trends. For this purpose, self-awareness is the key. You should know your strengths and weaknesses. It helps you get promotion in companies.

One must also learn to say no and accept rejection at times and look at the bigger picture to stay positive. Being consistent with your work speaks a lot about you and helps you in business promotion.

Too many things to remember? Wondering how you can do all this? Need some help? Well, if you are willing to change, we are willing to give you the change. Image consulting, as it is called is a newly introduced concept.  An image consultant is a person or a company hired to recommend on improved public presentation or impression or the skills that you need to work on to make yourselves better.


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