Our Mission

Quite often in our lives we encounter situations where we feel the need to consult an expert. It can be a teacher or a psychologist or a mentor or an expert in any domain that we want to consult in. But we also see that more often than not we end up not consulting them unless it becomes a matter of extreme concern. As a result we never solve whatever we wanted to solve. There are many reasons why we don't take the pain of visiting a consultant. Traffic issues, parking issues, fixing apppointments etc fall into that category. We at Beamitlive are trying to solve that problem. We want people to not skip a consultation that can change their lives. We want people to solve their problems before they become serious. We at Beamitlive want to bring the expert to a laptop near you.

Our Team

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    • Gaurav Bora
      Gaurav Bora Founder & CEO

      Gaurav is a serial entrepreneur who started his first venture when he was 20 years old. He started with the hospitality industry by starting a restaurant in the outskirts of Bangalore while he was still pursuing his engineering degree. With a penchant for starting something new from scratch, Gaurav skipped his campus job offer and instead continued to expand his restaurant business, by opening another outlet in the heart of the city. Having tasted success in this field, he successfully sold both of these to start his second venture called Deliverry.in (Online Grocery Delivery) in 2011. Online grocery business was still in the nascent stage during that time and other big names of today were still relatively unknown during that period. Unfortunately, that venture didn't take off the way Gaurav had anticipated but fortunately Gaurav learnt a lot of valuable lessons from it. As he says it "A person who doesn't know how to lose, never learns how to win!"

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    • Martin Dsouza
      Martin Dsouza VP - Client Communication & Brand Strategy

      Martin Dsouza comes from an advertising background having worked for Ogilvy & Mather and Lowe - Lintas. He also gained experience in digital media while working for Kieon, a digital media specialist working with clients based out of the U.K. and the Middle East. With a M.B.A. In marketing and a natural flair for writing, he has also been involved in scripting for corporate films and for Karnataka Tourism, Andaman Tourism and Lakshadweep Tourism. He is a currently a well known Karaoke Jockey and D.J. with immense knowledge of the Entertainment Industry.

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    • Sarath Chandran
      Sarath Chandran Senior Web Developer

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