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I have always believed that no matter where you are born or where you live, you should never be deprived of things that you want to accomplish in life. Distance should never be a problem and we are trying to make sure that it is not. Every single one of us deserves an equal chance. Be it the brilliant kid in your locality who could have been the next Einstein if only he had access to quality education or be it the next door guy who is suffering from depression but is not willing to see a psychologist due to social stigma. We at BeamitLive are always trying to ensure that you have access to these services no matter where you are. I come from a non-metropolitan city, and growing up I did not have access to many things that people in big cities had. Although I had the priveledge to be born to a upper middle class family, I never took it for granted. And now I and my colleagues at BeamitLive want to make sure that we can provide the best possible infrastructure for people to learn and consult. Live video consultation and learning is the next best alternative to pyhsical presence and BeamitLive is on a mission to provide this to millions of people who need it. If you like our cause and want to be a part of BeamitLive in any capacity, don't hesitate to contact me at

Gaurav Bora, Founder & CEO,